Utica Proud Tiny’s

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So after moving my article around to fit on a single spread, there was a lot of space at the top that I wanted to fill with something so I made a strip of nutcrackers.Screenshot (6)

I decided to make vector art of the Blues Brothers.Screenshot (7)

Here they are in action wooooo.

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Tiny_s fin pt1


Side Hustle Progress

**on real week 1 we just brainstormed no one had real ideas yet so starting with side hustle week 1 not real schedule week 1 okay yee

Week 1: I initially wanted to do something with makeup packaging design because I was inspired by a student last year who had done it. I also wanted to do something with hand lettering because I’m becoming really interested in it. Maybe makeup logo with hand lettered designs, I don’t know.

Week 2: I ended up hating that idea because anyone can design makeup it’s not fun and I just wanna have fun. For some reason I thought making an environmental info-graphic would fix this. I wanted to create work that calls attention to global destruction and that lead poisoning info-graphic on the wall of the classroom is pretty cool and inspiring. I also thought about eco-friendly products with fun designs and a website to “sell” it all.

Week 3: I found videos on youtube about how to make info-graphics, found a bunch of research on the environment and how horrible humans are and how stupid America is and was still inspired in some ways but not entirely. It was at this point I kind of realized that my ideas for my side hustle project were based solely on what I thought was expected of me as a graphic designer. I looked at what other successful students had done in the past and figured I should try to do that. I mean yeah, the previous ideas did excite me but there was always something that made me very reluctant to even try (I’ll explain later).

Week 4: When Claude came in, I told him about the environment idea and that I was thinking about changing it again. When he heard this, he mentioned that when people constantly switch ideas it’s sometimes just them procrastinating. This initially stressed me out because trust me, I procrastinate a lot and this didn’t feel like that; I was genuinely just confused. But then I started thinking about a Jessica Hische quote (thanks Shamber) that said “the work you do while procrastinating is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life”. Which is cute until I realized I don’t make any work while procrastinating (not anymore anyway) – instead, I throw my life away on the internet and get depressed about it later. When I’m not doing that, I focus entirely on the shit that gives me a grade because I forgot that life’s not just about school. What the hell are you gonna be if you can’t make work without a rubric telling you everything you need to be “successful”.

Week 5: I’ve decided to procrastinate. I realized I couldn’t do any of my other side hustle ideas because I don’t even know what I do for myself as an artist anymore. I’ve started doing things solely because other people with the ability to make me hate myself have told me to. I need to make things for me in order to understand what I actually wanna do in life and also to actually be happy while making art. Hopefully this will help me find the balance between doing what makes me happy while also fulfilling a teacher’s/ future client’s wishes.

And to those who are like “dumbass, hurry up you’re wasting time you haven’t done anything” (but I doubt anyone except maybe MAYBE Cindy has read this far) I already have around four pieces either done or very close to done and three more ideas I’m itching to start, honey I’m thriving but I’ll post those later.

yeah it probably sounds stupid but this is my self-care/therapy at this point lmao